Queen Bea Flower Garden

March 02, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Hello there!

I am giving this blog thing a world... So here it goes! Now just to put it out there, my grammar can at times be horrible. Please be here for support and not judge.

Spring should be here on the 20th of March! This year we are incredibly happy to be here in health and spirit and finally out of 2020! 2021 is bringing us lot's of cheer, hopes and dreams! This will be the farms first year being incredibly busy! And for that reason I'm not sure why I am embarking in yet another project on the farm. Scratch that, I do know why! I've had a love of flowers for as long as I can remember. It all begins with always living out in the country. Plus what else do you do with so much space! You plant! And continue encourage a little ecosystem! The flowers will bring pollinators, ladybugs and more birds! Who doesn't love the sound of nature!

But I was SO excited with my garden last summer, even though some things didn’t grow quite the way I liked, and some of the flowers I didn’t really love, it was all such a great learning experience.  And I’m super excited to be planning my cut flower garden for this upcoming season.  I learned a lot last summer, so I can’t wait to implement a few new things.


I had to identify good soil, good well draining soil! That's where I went wrong last summer! The soil was horrible. I then thought, The pecan trees are flooded with irrigation and the soil is well drained. This meant that I had to find an open area with full sun. Chose an approximate 30 x 30 area to till! There was a dead tree there which was pulled out to clear that space. My husband did such an amazing job tilling my new garden.


154004318_10218986481234278_426592993984132794_o154004318_10218986481234278_426592993984132794_o 154657066_10218986481474284_5297348539218955088_o154657066_10218986481474284_5297348539218955088_o Irrigation time came and made the soil so easy to work with. I hired my youngest to help me dig the rows and put the fence up. All this was a must while the soil was manageable. Since these pictures were taken I was able to plant my flower seeds and tubers.

I was lucky enough to find seeds. The world is going crazy buying seeds... reminds me of the toilet paper shortage, ha!

I have 4 different colored Dahlias, Wildflowers, Flowering Tabacco Peach Screamer, Grass Explosion, Gladiolus, L.A. Lilies, Hydrangae, wide variety of sunflowers, Zinnia's, Celosia Pink, California Poppies. I tried to plant flowers that will bloom by end of April. However, the Gladioulus and lillies take up to 90 days. Again I'm learning as I go. I can't wait to return to post something weekly and share my progress with you! 


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