Hernandez Pecan Farm is a family owned farm nestled right outside city limits in Casa Grande, Az. It is owned by Conrad & Bea Hernandez who grew up in small town america. The Hernandez's vision for the farm is to create an event space that magnifies your outdoor dream wedding, corporate retreat or family event. The farm itself encompasses the meaning of family.  With 55+ Pecan Trees that give just the right amount of shade and is a few degrees cooler then anywhere in Casa Grande. It is ran by Conrad, Bea and two of their children, Rocky and Samantha.

The name Hernandez Pecan Farm stems from Conrad Hernandez's father. Conrad Sr., Conrad Jr. helped his grandfather Juan Ledezma plant each and every pecan tree. After Juan Ledezma's passing the farm was divided into four parcels. Conrad's father and mother inherited a 1.25 acre/parcel. Conrad Sr continued his father in laws legacy as did some of the family members while other chose to let their parcel die. We stepped in and helped Conrad Sr pick pecans and continued to do so after he passed. After a few years of realizing that the harvest wasn't selling and expiring instead. Bea Hernandez decided that sharing their little slice of heaven with others that would appreciate it's beauty was a better way in honoring Conrad Sr and Juan Ledezma. Bea Hernandez was already working the farm by photographing clients/families. And it quickly sparked interest!